Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo – The Bane of the Roulettes

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Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo – The Bane of the Roulettes

gonzalo-garcia-pelayo-casinoKnown as the bane of all roulette casinos, Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo is one of the most famous roulette players in the world. However, unlike other gamblers who put their faith in a lucky number or a date, the Spaniard from Madrid believed in mathematics and that anything made by a human hand is imperfect, right from the production process. Join us in this Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo blog post as we explore everything about him and his unique roulette system.


In this article about Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo, you will learn every tiny detail about this famous Spanish gambler. First, we will begin our blog post by looking at the Spaniard’s early life and proceed slowly into his adulthood. We will explore his musical and film endeavours before telling the story and process behind the Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo roulette system.

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